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When you have never had to purchase a saddle before it can seem difficult. Often I will tell people to think about the person and what there favorite flowers were or perhaps their own favorite flowers. By based on the season your in and that will help you make your choice too. Really there is no wrong choice they will appreciate whatever you choose.

How do I know which one to purchase?
I have heard from some customers that their arrangement's was stolen. Although this is possible it is more likely that it was not installed firmly enough and was caught by the storm and blew off. Which is why I always recommend that you place a tag on the saddle underneath with the name and/or plot number so when it is turned in the groundskeeper knows where to replace the saddle.

Do they get stolen?
This depends where you live. If you live within our delivery area than the delivery is Free of Charge. However, if you are out of Province/State than the shipping is extra. I make every effort to package the arrangement in as small a box as possible and pass on my business discounts. The cost is calculated in advance of shipping to ensure you are happy with the cost. If you are planning on buying several it is much cheaper to ship two at the same time. Give us a call and we can calculate it for you.

Do you charge for Shipping and how much is it?
We accept all major credit cards and if you prefer you can pay directly through Papal. If coming to our showroom we accept cash, debit or credit.

What form of payment do you accept?
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